Early childhood educators are essential to helping Nebraska thrive, bringing out the best in children, preparing them for school and life. We Care for Kids is listening to and lifting up the stories of early childhood educators so Nebraskans can appreciate your essential work and hear what you have to say.

What goes into helping children and families thrive, what are your challenges as a professional, what do you need to stay in the profession—and what do you want people to know about the power of your work?

Hear stories from educators in your community and use the form below to share yours.

Educator Highlight

“Right now, my greatest challenge is knowing there is such a need for early childhood care and education and I cannot support more families and more children. We need all community partners to come to the table and not just say we are listening, but actually be creative in addressing the child care shortage. We need to elevate the profession both within and outside of the profession. Early childhood education is a foundational piece to each and every one of our communities. If we don't have quality, stable early childhood care and education in our communities, it's a trickle-down effect that impacts everyone.”

Amy Vinton, Owner/Teacher, Great Beginnings Child Care and Preschool Program, Kearney, NE

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