Join We Care for Kids Week: September 25-October 1, 2023

We Care for Kids Week is a statewide celebration connecting partners and community leaders to families and resources in their community with the goal of building support for quality early childhood education and early childhood educators. This is a week to inform, motivate, and engage Nebraskans from every corner of the state. It’s a fun, flexible, community-centered effort to help every organization and individual spread the word. Throughout the week we encourage you to host local community events and activities that draw attention to the importance of quality early childhood education.

Download the We Care for Kids Week 2023 Toolkit!

Participating in We Care for Kids Week is easy—and anyone can join to inform and recruit your organization, friends, neighbors, and family to join the effort.

How do I participate?

Any person, group, early childhood care and education provider, or organization can participate in We Care for Kids Week. Here are few examples:

  • Host a We Care for Kids event at your school, place of worship, or headquarters. Set up a table or ask if you can have 10 minutes to share some information with attendees using the community toolkit.
  • Post a We Care for Kids video (English and Spanish versions available) and campaign information on your website and social media accounts.
  • Include a speaker to talk about the importance of early childhood education at your school, place of worship, or organization’s already-scheduled event.
  • Send an email to everyone on your organization’s email list using our customizable template.
  • Host a gathering at home, invite neighbors, family, and friends and talk about early childhood education in your own community, encourage everyone to get involved, and spread the word.
  • Throughout the week, we will be spreading the word through our social media channels and email list! You can re-share our social posts with your own followers and forward our email to colleagues, neighbors, friends, and others who may be interested in learning more.

To participate, take these five simple steps:

Step 1: Register yourself or your organization as a We Care for Kids Week participant through the form below.

Step 2: Download the We Care for Kids Week toolkit materials. You’ll get a flyer, social graphics, and easy-to-use templates!

Step 3: Begin planning your event or engagement effort in your community. Who are the people who know, love, and trust you that you can share this information with? You know your community best. Adapt the tone and format of your outreach to motivate people.

Step 4: Share this page and start encouraging your community to sign up!

Step 5: Share your engagement efforts with us. Use the hashtags #NebraskaCaresForKids and #PorTodosLosNiños so we can highlight the work you’re doing!