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August 2023

Providing young people with a foundation for success from their earliest years is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime. Fight Crime, Invest in Kids is a national organization with members in our state that calls for investment in high-quality early childhood care and education as a proven strategy to reduce crime.

Children who receive quality early childhood education are better prepared to learn, more likely to read by the fourth grade, graduate school, and go on to further their education, making them less likely to enter the criminal justice system

Unfortunately, too many Nebraska children don’t have access to quality early childhood education. Nebraska is facing an early childhood care and education crisis. Almost every county in the state (91%) with licensed child care programs does not have enough places to meet demand.

Investments in high-quality early care and education yield an average return of $4 for every dollar spent; in circumstances where children are extremely vulnerable, the return can be as high as $13. This return includes money saved on special education, health care, social services, and the criminal justice system.

Access to affordable, quality early childhood care and education keeps Nebraska communities safer places to live, work and raise a family. Let’s get local law enforcement, public safety, and crime prevention organizations involved to help raise awareness about this critical community need! We Care for Kids has resources that can be shared with these organizations who are dedicated to ensuring children, families, and communities are safe and thriving.

How do I participate?

Any person, group, early childhood care and education provider, or organization can participate. Here are few ideas:

  • Host an information table in partnership with local authorities to share information about early childhood education and the importance of a child’s first eight years using the Top 10 fact sheet, families flyer, coloring sheets, and more.
  • Download the We Care for Kids toolkit. Submit a letter to your local newspaper editor using this template. Your voice, experiences, and support for access to quality early childhood education matter to your community.
  • Share on social media. Post about how access to early childhood education in your community is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime and keep our children, families, and communities safe. Use sharegraphics and sample post copy from the community toolkit. Be sure to tag We Care for Kids on Facebook @nebraskacaresforkids and Twitter @wecareforkidsne.
  • Include a speaker to talk about the importance of early childhood education at your school, place of worship, or organization’s already-scheduled event.
  • Host a watch party or gathering at home; invite neighbors, family, and friends to talk about early childhood education in your own community, encourage everyone to get involved, and spread the word.
  • Show your appreciation for early educators using our coloring sheet. Early childhood teachers provide Nebraska’s children and families with quality care and education, and the tools needed to create a strong foundation for learning and life.

Register yourself or your organization as a We Care for Kids Day participant through the form below. Let us know what you have planned and how we can support you to make your celebration a success!